Sandblasting in Navarre FL

Sandblasting in Navarre FLChoosing the wrong mechanic to sandblast your vehicle can have devastating consequences. Inexperienced sandblasters, or those without the proper equipment, can lead to the total warping of body panels – which can then result in the necessity to rebuild the entire shell. Luckily, DN Automotive Services is an experienced sandblasting company in Navarre FL. Discover exactly what you should look for when you’re searching for sandblasting companies by reading below.


There are a wide range of media options available, some of which are perfect for sandblasting body panels – but some of them are not. Each media type has a different level of hardness and reacts differently with metal. For example, the wrong media can cause heat and actually embed directly into the metal. Sandblasting companies with experience will choose an option like crushed glass, which offers excellent results for most applications.


Generally speaking, sandblasters blast with a large tow behind compressor and are likely to blast at 125 PSI – or higher. This can strip metal very quickly. On the downside, it creates a lot of heat and is very aggressive on the surface of the metal. In fact, in certain cases it can actually remove the metal, depending on the media. DN Automotive Services is a sandblasting company that knows to blast as low as 45 PSI for surfaces that require it.


Navarre sandblasting can be done with a wide range of tips. Popular options include #6 and #8, though specialty options exist, including #3, which is 3/16 of an inch, or #4, which is a 1/4 inch tip. The smaller the tip is, the more control over the media there is – and the less media is hitting the metal at any given time. The result? Less pressure on the metal. There is no specific tip size that’s right for all applications, but we understand the need for different sizes on different projects.


You’ll find plenty of companies who can promise results on their sandblasting in as little as three hours. While it is possible to blast an entire car in just three hours, the results will be far from optimal. Getting it done this quickly involves using a much larger tip and simply won’t include the attention to detail you want. Though the timing will vary, you should count on anywhere from six hours for a smaller shell and up to 15 hours for larger cars. This includes the exterior, interior, bottom, and doors. You do want to get your sandblasted vehicle back as quickly as possible – but don’t sacrifice quality just to get your vehicle back a few hours earlier.


You don’t want a kid in the back who simply blasts away at your car. You need professionals who have both the experience and the patience to do the job right – the first time. This is exactly what you’ll find when you work with DN Automotive. Come in and talk to our pros about your specific needs and we can recommend the right media and tip size to get you exactly what you’re looking for.