Navarre Transmission Repair

navarre transmission repairYour vehicle’s transmission involves hundreds of parts, each of which is interconnected with the rest of your transmission. They’re constantly rubbing, heating up, moving, and interacting with other parts both inside and outside your transmission. With so many different parts – and with those parts constantly exposed to both heat and friction – it’s understandable that transmission components are going to have more wear and tear than other mechanisms in a vehicle. This is why it’s so important to have regular transmission service and to have your vehicle assessed at the first sign of transmission problems.


If your transmission is having trouble, it’s essential that you catch it before it turns into a more complicated and expensive problem. When a vehicle exhibits any of these symptoms, it’s time for a transmission inspection:
  • Delays in transmission shifting. Is there a pause in forward motion when you’re shifting your vehicle into first gear, or any gear beyond? Is there a pause before moving when you’re shifting from park? Do you have a delayed response when you shift from park to reverse? Any of these situations can be the first sign of the start of a transmission problem.
  • A transmission that slips, grinds, or jumps when you accelerate as the car shifts gears.
  • Cars that shake at any speed.
  • An engine that gives off a burnt smell.
  • A visible fluid leak.
  • Vehicles that make a clunking, whistling, or screeching sound.
  • Cloudy, bad smelling, or thick transmission fluid on dipstick.
  • A difficult to move manual transmission gear shifter.


Due to the many working parts in a transmission system, there are many things that can go wrong. However, here are some of the most common reasons we see people come through DN Automotive Services for Navarre transmission service and repairs:


Vehicles with a manual transmission need fluid to ensure their gears are lubricated and to avoid grinding. Vehicles with automatic transmissions need fluid to create hydraulic pressure that powers movement within the transmission system. If a transmission doesn’t have the right level of fluid – or if the fluid is contaminated – the transmission system can overheat and gears can surge, slip, or grind down. This is especially true in automatic transmissions. The result of low or contaminated transmission fluid can be total engine failure.


Gear synchronizers, also known as synchros, are the component of transmissions that ensure the gear you’re shifting into is spinning at the same speed as the gear you’re shifting out of. When both gears spin at the same speed while shifting, the shifting experience is seamless and smooth. However, when gear synchros are worn, shifting becomes difficult. If it’s not repaired, it can lead to total transmission failure.


Needle bearings help prevent gears in the torque converter from grinding on each other. If these bearings have become sluggish or worn, then you’ll likely hear brushing noises or grinding when your vehicle is moving. That sound can be a sign that your gears are not moving as efficiently as they could be and that they’re prematurely wearing down. They should be looked at right away. It’s easy to see that transmission problems are no laughing matter.   Bring your vehicle to DN Automotive Services and let us give you a full diagnostic for the best transmission repair in Navarre. We’ll let you know what’s wrong, what your options are, and what it’ll cost. When you want professional, competitively priced mechanics in Navarre FL you want DN Automotive Services.